Can my hospitals perform better than this?  Is the revenue what we earn now the maximum or is there more potential?  Are our patients really satisfied with our services?  Where do we stand in the market on patient choice?  Where do we stand in the market when compared with competitors?   

Is my hospital utilizing all its potential optimally?  Are we the preferred healthcare partner for the public?  Are our marketing strategies on the right track?  Are we missing out anything? I am planning to expand, but is there real need in the market?

Above are the questioning often lingering around the thoughts of Healthcare Promoters, Doctors & Management Professionals.  You might have lots of guesses about what’s going on, and your team might have different opinions on how to meet your objectives.

Rather than groping around in the dark, you will need verified facts and figures to determine on where your hospital is currently and where you want to be so you can act on facts, not assumptions, to reach your potential. 

Well, to understand where do you actually stand,  it is important a hospital undergoes a periodic Master Health Checkup, which otherwise can be termed “Hospital Gap Analysis”.  Yes! Hospital Gap Analysis is nothing but a 3600  analysis of its entire process, systems and protocols, which includes its marketing strategies as well.

What Is Hospital Gap Analysis Process?

Hospital gap analysis helps you understand the situation between your current positions with that of your future goals. Working on the gaps as seen in the analysis helps you in maintain proper growth and achieving the set goals.It can be defined as a tool which the management can put into practice in order to attain their goals. This process lets you understand and focus on the functioning of various departments in your hospital, and analyse their operational strategies.

How Does Gap Analysis in Hospitals Help?

Performance gap analysis allows healthcare givers to precisely verify the areas where the hospital management is facing problems with. The entire process takes you through different stages where you get to know what all factors are affecting the growth of your hospital. By observing the loops in the management and services, you get to take required steps to overcome the issues and bring forth a perfect solution.

With the help of performance gap analysis, you can put into practice the required suggestions, and cut down the costs so involved. The process even lets you do away with the unnecessary operational droopiness while boosting the efficiency of your staff and healthcare services.

When your management stands tall; with everything falling at the right place, people get a fair rationale to put their trust in your healthcare services. Apparently, this causes an increase in your client-base and needless to say the revenue.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for improving your healthcare services,  it is time you take your hospital for a Complete Master Health Check-up (Gap analysis).  If you’re wondering how to do a gap analysis, follow these four simple steps…

  1. Analyze your current state
  2. Identify the ideal future state
  3. Find the Gap and Evaluate Solutions
  4. Create and implement a plan to bridge the gap

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