HOSCONS OHS (Occupational Health Services) is a
division of HOSCONS Healthcare Group,

a 360° Healthcare Consultant, first of its kind in the Indian Healthcare Industry. HOSCONS provides 360° consulting to many major hospitals in the city right from planning & commissioning of a Hospital to its HK, hence managing a Occupational Health centre is not a challenge to us.

HOSCONS OHS division was formed to bridge the gap between the “Industry’s Requirement” and the services provided by Hospitals, which was studied in careful analysis from the extensive experience of our Director in running various Multispecialty Hospitals & OHC’s.

According to WHO Out of 11 million cases of occupational diseases in the world 1.9 million cases (17%) are contributed by India and out of 0.7 million deaths in the world 0.12 (17%) is contributed by India. National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) states that a few of the leading work-related illnesses and injuries include, Occupational lung disease ,Occupational cancer , cardio-vascular diseases, occupational asthma , disorder of reproduction, neurotoxicity, noise induced hearing loss, dermatological conditions, and psychological disorders.

HOSCONS provides you with complete offering, including occupational health based expertise, trainings & workshops, and assessments, would help you in achieving better employee health and safety as well as better product safety and efficacy, thereby translating your occupational health effort into bigger profits and better health and safety management for your organization.

We can assist you in setting up OHC’s, running it with required no of doctors(AFIH Qualified full time/Part time), paramedical staff, run lab & pharmacy, conduct pre-employment examination, Periodic Health Checkup of the employees on-site, organize doctors talk, health awareness sessions, free screening camps for the employees & their families, conduct safety audits, and what not..???.

Why should you not have a Hospital running your “Occupational Health Centres”?

There are high chances that "Hospitals" utilize the Occupational Health Centres, Health Checkup as a source for referrals, but its not the case with third party like us. If you study a OHC run by a Hospital & other one run by a Third party, you can easily find that the “Referral for further management” will be remarkably high on Hospital run OHCs. But unfortunately at present there are no private third party players to address this gap & Industries fall prey in hands of Hospitals.

But to bridge the gap, HOSCONS is now on action to support & help Industries.

Our core expertise is making sick units/hospitals run profitably and setting up new hospital projects, running it till it breakeven.

If you need professional assistance in any of the above areas, we are just a call away...